Surfing the new literary wave

February 15, 2007

There may not be many new movements in books, but that’s probably because all the action’s online.

A few others to look out for-

R.K. Wallace, Chris Major, Lisa Zaran, Mike Blake, Steve Finbow, Lee Rourke,  Sean McGahey, Joel Van Noord, Paul Kavanagh, Michael Keenaghan…….and the lovely pete wild!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Surfing the new literary wave”

  1. elizabeth rose said

    and don´t forget pete wild…i see you have a link to his site, but still worth mentioning here, surely?

  2. rkwallace said

    i like bowel movements, they are such a relief.

  3. Thanks for the name check. Much appreciated. Cheers. Great blog.

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