a dying pigeon on buchanan street ~ R.K. Wallace

February 26, 2007


as the people try to avoid the poor

overweight and legless



simply waits for death

as the rest of

its peers who are flying high

shitting on those below

who feed them

scraps from the luxury they live on

regarding those creatures above

them as nothing more than

a bunch of rats with wings


pinks hot dog stand


you choose the american dream


and you wait in line

with no real choice but to


kill time checking out all the famous stars

whose faces crowd like one

huge cluttered constellation

as an assurance that what one is about


to eat there is good enough for them

and so it must be

luxury for us


but the truth is the next day


you will be sitting there with your head in your hands

trying desperately

to excrete that shit you waited so long for


back out of your system


I live beteween Scotland and California where I am moving to this year, if all goes to plan. I am 26. I play the guitar on the streets for a living.

coming soon: www.zygoteinmycoffee.com (march 2007)

www.blowbackmagazine.com (whenever they get round to it, and after writing this probably never!)

www.poeticdiversity.com (april 2007)

R.K. Wallace.


3 Responses to “a dying pigeon on buchanan street ~ R.K. Wallace”

  1. south left said

    Where in Cali, bro? Warning, it’s bright sun all the time and the UK blues will dissipate. Can anyone prepare for such a challenge? especially a writer!

  2. r.k. wallace said

    Moving to the Long Beach area, you from cal ‘south left’? drop me an email if you want, robmedia77@aol.com

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