Only human ~ Elizabeth Rose

March 5, 2007

And so, the unfathomable depths gaped like a tormented snake. The sound was as enticing yet frightening and she  moved with unusual grace toward him. She stroked his head, massaging the thoughts away. Inside she cried.

Inside. Always inside.  A tumultuous blaze of thought after thought.

Emotions wrought – always aware. A tiger that never sleeps; she could feel his pain. Again, she understands. But understanding can be too much. It can suffocate the loved. And so she stilled her knowledge, rolling the beast around her, awaiting it to change its form. Awaiting the moment when light could enter and could be passed in the caress of small warm hands. She will save him.

The tight creases subside, momentarily. But the anguish is apparent . A green pebble lost to the sea.  A soul reborn, struggling to breathe and enjoy that breath. The gentle strokes continue. Absorbing the oceans depth, internalising the roar. Time is just a concept. It will be restored with the return of his soul. She offers maternal limbs; the gift of herself.

She knows that words will not soothe. They may be desired but they will ensnare a bite. And so … inside. Always inside. Powering the gentle touch that placates and nourishes.  Defying the weakness coursing through, enjoying the aches that her support brings.  Wondering …

Her attention distracted briefly, her glance returns to find him lighter.

And then she cannot breathe either. Can not enjoy the breath for she understands, too much. A slight withdrawal and the tiger takes fright.

Drowning in the tides that carry the heaviness, laden with the raw flesh of truth.

The gentle strokes continue, though the light has dimmed. A mute siren with only herself to offer, without faith in long lost saints. Heavy flesh a burden and she damns her mortal state.  Cursing her abilities to understand and nurture, she suffocates in the knowledge of herself. Knows that she can not save him. She has killed him.

Inside, always inside.


Elizabeth Rose –

I am from the UK  living in a small village in the south of spain, enjoying the crazy mixture of expats and spanish fighting to communicate! I write, paint and tutor for a living.


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