Three stage WORD virus ~ Sean McGahey

March 19, 2007

>The doctor prescribes you an
anti-idiosyncrasy pill
which will leave your face with
a nonsensical looking grin.
>The second stage of the
pugnacious word virus numbs
your lips and narrows your eyes.

The militant microorganism
Minimizing your mind to
The size of a pea!
You’ll mimic society
You’ll fit right in
Middling new life style
Passable new friends
With mercenary plans
Of stealing your melancholy
Ideas of happiness


2 Responses to “Three stage WORD virus ~ Sean McGahey”

  1. The ship is sinking fast
    The rats and fat dense looking
    Rich whores run for the lifeboats.
    Water bulges the belly of
    HMS DEMURE whilst
    The fake looking embryonic
    Plastic IKEA shopping
    Freaks of nature stand sipping
    Tea complaining about the

  2. strange – is this from your collection “I fucking Hate You!!”?


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