Three Looming Cranes in the Distance. ~ Lee Rourke

April 6, 2007

She stood with her back to the wall and pulled up her skirt; the moss was damp under our feet.

“Stop! A Wolf!” she cried.

I stopped. I looked around. A dog had appeared. It was a dog. It was definitely a dog.

“It’s a dog!” I exclaimed.

The dog, on hearing this, scampered. She shrugged. We continued; the moon peeking out from behind a carbon monoxide-blackened London cloud. I thought of Un chien andalou.

The razorblade; the peeling eyeball.

I peered back over her shoulder, one eye open, half concentrating, and noticed three looming cranes in the distance.

They stood like gargantuan automations; moving like automations; reaching like automations; swinging like automations; working the night shift like automations.

Somewhere up there in the black night three men are controlling progress, I thought.

Then she pulled down her skirt and we walked, arm in arm, back to the boozer, without saying a word.

Lee Rourke 2007


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