dictionary corner ~ Karen Welsh

May 14, 2007

bored, bor·ing, bores, the-beat

boring site of the week

verb (used with object)

1. to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The Beat bored me.


2. a dull, tiresome, or uncongenial person.
3. a cause of ennui or petty annoyance: repetitious tasks that are a bore to do.

This site was once an exciting place to visit…sadly; it’s now in the same league of an
ARGOS catalogue. (Sorry Sean) Stop posting bootcamp bollocks.


10 Responses to “dictionary corner ~ Karen Welsh”

  1. ok it might be a bit harsh – it’s not all that bad – but fuck me! he should try and push the boundries a tad……

  2. Sean said

    Well done!! I’m pretty sure you’ll feel better for that!!

  3. Susan said

    Not sure what you mean by “bootcamp bollocks”. Could you elaborate?

  4. elephant said

    what boundaries are we talking about? is this related to shock and awe? cause that was cool. and what’s an ARGOS catalogue? do they sell silverware? i also don’t understand bootcamp bollocks.

  5. Marquis De Chalfont said

    Good God, my work appears on both these sites, and although I may be many things, boring is never one of them. Although, I have to say, I like your style, you’ve got balls girl, more balls than most men, and there’s nothing worse in this world than literary backslapping and artistic arse licking.

    However, I must concur with Susan, what the devil is Bootcamp Bollacks?


  6. michael keenaghan said

    Good question. What the fuck is that shit?

  7. Boot Camp: Sports team training camp of exceptional physical severity, especially in seclusion and including humiliating and/or painful punishments.

    Bollocks: –noun 1. (used with a plural verb) Vulgar. ballocks.
    2. (used with a singular or plural verb) British Vulgar. rubbish; nonsense; claptrap (often used interjectionally).
    n. Vulgar Slang
    The testicles.

    Go figure Amigo’s

  8. This has to be the worst: http://www.madhattersreview.com/ back slapping to the max!!! utter shite
    we make writers my arse http://www.wemakewriters.com/
    I suppose The-beat has showcased a few good writers – but all seems very american – anyway just my opinion

  9. madhat said

    Who? What? Back slapping the mad hatters? Who dares? Has Sean regressed to boot camp mentality? What a shame! Tutt tutt. Childhood abuse, pollutants in the aire, crazy cows and bad ale. No wonder I had an uncontrollable case of coughs.

    Well now you Angloids —- We Americans at MHR (plus one Scot and one South African) are tres internationale. Coming up, after France, Australia and Scottish features is a 2 part English feature of the most unboring writers in residence (mainly from other countries and continents). Hehe. No, some are actually Brit born with white skin what burns too easily. No bullocks. Ah yes, and after the Brits, we’ll do Argentina, Spain, Israel, and maybe Italy and Palestine. In the meantime, we include Brits and assorted other foreign sorts in the main part of our issues. We are tres sophistercated at MHR.

    Thanks for listening. I remain

  10. sean said

    it’s all getting a bit boring now. Move on. I’d avoid starting on MHR…..lit-zine suicide

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