Case report of severe psychiatric and neurological sequelae following suicide attempt…illustrates the remarkable fall of carbon monoxide poisoning due to the abolition of coal gas in the 1970 era and a corresponding decrease in suicide deaths…45-year-old woman suffering from a paranoid reaction, attempted suicide with city gas…Suicidal carbon monoxide inhalation of exhaust fumes…sui caederea person who genuinely wishes to die may fail, due to lack of knowledge about what they are doing, unwillingness to try methods that may end in permanent damage if he fails or harms others, or an unanticipated rescue, among other reasons


another savage story

June 18, 2007


Shortly after two bottles of “Merlot”, 20 B&H and a quick whizz I start writing my novel!! No idea what it’s about, what it’s called or what style it’s going to be written in….

I think after growing up with specific styles/contexts, trying on new ones is infuriatingly disorienting….anyway here goes:

Euro Girls

“You are going to a lap dancing club with a friend. You know your friend doesn’t want to see the multitude of naked Eastern European girls but you stick to your dogged insistence. When you get to the club, you see that your friend is utterly frustrated…”

Euro dating

“My friend also told me that my escort was absolutely perfect for me and is looking forward to meeting me. I was unconvinced that she was perfect for me considering that every bird that I date is always different from the previous one….I hope this one hasn’t got a dick.”

New # of SVG!!!

June 11, 2007

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London Lit +


Chris Major

OK, I have gotten myself mixed up with putting on a literary festival, of sorts, that will be running upon the edge of the first ever London Literary Festival.

Fuck it, we thought, why not shake shit up and put on something of our own at the same time – give the bastards something to think about.

Anyway, if you know of anyone / group who would be interested in doing something on one of the nights then send word, for good or ill –

The only conditions for entry are that it must be literary, it must be within the M25, and it must be taking place between the 29th of June and the 13th of July 2007. We’d particularly like independent publishers and booksellers and schools to get involved, but everyone is invited.

See the website and spread the word. I want this thing around like crabs in a brothel!!!!!!

Onwards, always.

On the industrial estate
a heater blasts;
with the
appropriate catalyst
the glass warms:
fluid pearls
and gathers,
dribbles its
curved length.
Fumes swirl
and billow-
distil to spirit.
Hours later
they unhook the pipe,
examine and
identify what remains.
Inform the parents……………

hero 2 zero

June 4, 2007

A call for submissions! send some of your work 2

svg is atad bit thin

put some meat on SVG bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Some people think that because they have been addicted to drugs, that they’ve somehow earned a platform to preach to drug users. They are mistaken. ” There’s no preaching, sugarcoating, or glamorizing in Tony O’Neill’s Digging the Vein. The novel is an unrelenting and brutal retelling of his experience as a heroin addict living in LA. Gothamist sat down with the young talent who now lives in New York, to discuss addiction, recovery, and freedom.

Forget Big Brother! read this and VOTE for Tony!!!!!