infuriatingly disorienting ~ Karen Welsh

June 13, 2007


Shortly after two bottles of “Merlot”, 20 B&H and a quick whizz I start writing my novel!! No idea what it’s about, what it’s called or what style it’s going to be written in….

I think after growing up with specific styles/contexts, trying on new ones is infuriatingly disorienting….anyway here goes:

Euro Girls

“You are going to a lap dancing club with a friend. You know your friend doesn’t want to see the multitude of naked Eastern European girls but you stick to your dogged insistence. When you get to the club, you see that your friend is utterly frustrated…”

Euro dating

“My friend also told me that my escort was absolutely perfect for me and is looking forward to meeting me. I was unconvinced that she was perfect for me considering that every bird that I date is always different from the previous one….I hope this one hasn’t got a dick.”


One Response to “infuriatingly disorienting ~ Karen Welsh”

  1. This is my short attempt at flash fiction….short but sweet.


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