July 21, 2007

I fucked a Norwegian woman in a lift
one night
when it was late
(this is a true story, no bullshit).
It was a respectable lift,
a bourgeois lift,
an Oslo lift.
It was a lift
within the apartment block where this woman and myself lived.
(This woman was my girlfriend at the time,
my first love).
It was a lift with a large mirror inside
and I watched on,
with her hips in my hands,
as I fucked her savagely from behind.
Her eyes were shut tight
as she gasped and
rocked back and forth.
I fucked her hard and fast until she quickly came
and then I pulled out and
she pulled me off until I came.
I then looked down to
see that there were come drops
forming a little puddle
on the floor.
The next morning
when I got the lift
from our floor
down to the ground floor
it suddenly stopped –
an old woman with a fur coat on
stepped inside the lift
with a pedigree pup on a lead.
I looked at the woman’s back
and then at her dog and
then back at her back and
then down at the stain on the floor,
my stain on the floor.
The door slowly shut
and as the three of us
went down
to the ground floor
the dog began sniffing and then
at the dried up patch of come.
I covered my mouth up
and laughed into my hand
whilst watching that little
doggy tongue
lapping at my come.

The moral of the story is to
never let a pedigree pup lick a lift floor
now matter how bourgeois it is.


2 Responses to “NEVER LICK THE FLOOR OF A LIFT ~ Matthew Coleman”

  1. prearirescaby said

    Beautiful teen girls

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