party #1 ~ Karen Welsh

November 12, 2007

We find Karen lying on the floor not quite knowing how shitfaced drunk she is…Karen slowly opens her eyes, lifts a cigarette to her lips and takes a drag…Across the room, Chad, Tim and josh sit with a Tabatha Cash look-a-like wearing what looks like a see through top…black bra clearly on display…Chad leans down and snorts some cocaine from a clear glass table top, lifts his head back and shakes his nose back and forth …the porn look-a-like falls to her knees rips open Tim’s pants and proceeds to expertly give head…Karen drops her cigarette and blacks out…


2 Responses to “party #1 ~ Karen Welsh”

  1. Butter Cups said

    fucked and full of vinegar. a flash scene if there ever was one. great read.

  2. Meggan Vasser said

    I salute you, I genuinely enjoy the way u wrote the story?- maybe you can have a look at my net web page and make a couple of tipps. thank you in advance

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