November 15, 2007

it’s an autumnal kind of feeling
10 years
from the kings mall to the queens mall
heroin to kratom
but the feeling is the same

but a strange kind of pleasure
a just before xmas
frostbite in the air
everything has a garland
of fairy lights around it

the fat American faces
the towering hairdos
somehow comforting
to me

in the bathroom
performing a surgical procedure
in a pissy cubicle with no lock
foot jammed
2 stalls over someone hacks
coughs, spits,
urine and pubic hairs
children scream
James Blunt sings “Beautiful”
it is a perfect vision
of Hell

a Nigerian
in a Steinway Street
2-for-99-dollars beige silk suit
appears from the city static
like a poltergeist
to talk of revolution
and secret bank accounts
smiles a wide
predators grin
then vanishes into
cut-price midtown hotel


One Response to “NOVEMBER SONG ~ Tony O’Neill”

  1. Another killer from the death-drive pen of O’Neill. Miss Welsh is posting some of the most important literature this century. How, or why, I don’t know, for she is one of the Mystery Girls the New York Dolls sang about. All I can do is type this old Zen Lunatic Koan, in the hope she will continue to uphold the standard

    When walking just walk
    When sitting just sit
    Most of all don’t wobble

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