Party #2 ~ Karen Welsh

November 19, 2007

Brett & Paul are sat drinking red bull whilst looking over the aftermath of the “plug any hole” party.
“It’s the cleaner I feel sorry for” mumbles Brett as he lights a cigarette.
“Say again?” whispers Paul as he drinks the dregs of what looks like a florescent green cocktail.
Pointing at a buzzing dildo spasmodically limping over a pair of blood stained boxer shorts “This mess, it’s worse than a scene from apocalypse now…”
“I guess…but she’s been working here for years”
”yeah but look at the shit left behind, slimy butt plugs, cum soaked gimp mask, a fucking rolling pin, cattle prod, empty can of mace, industrial staple gun, purple strap on and a traffic cone?”
“Not to mention the fucking musty smell…”
“Were we actually at this party?”
“Are you sure? As my ass feels intact”
“We filmed it…well I filmed it you were the director”
Looking somewhat confused “Fuck”
“Yep it’s all coming back now”
Stepping over a pile of used tampons and an empty tub of ice cream Paul looks for the TV remote control “She does a pretty good job cleaning up after our events…those stains always disappear”
Looking somewhat concerned Brett heads towards the kitchen “I hope she doesn’t go snooping around the freezer”
 “She’ll find the box of you know what!”
“Well it wouldn’t be a box of exotic sausages…and that’s what she’ll think!”
“Oh…the box of cocks!”
After a short awkward silence they both start laughing and Paul sputters out “Do you remember when she thanked us for the onion rings and asked why they were slightly hairy!”


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