Time to Lose ~ Mikael Covey

January 15, 2008

When I was your age you know they say that and you shudder that fuck you geezer shudder like fuck off leave me alone. You’re not my age and probably never were and if you were than it was like turn of the century and not this last one either. And then time goes by or goes bye-bye or something like that but anyway it’s gone. You don’t get it back. You know and I know and it don’t mean jack shit anyway but there it is. You think at some point twenty years ago like that was a long time but I’m still young so what the fuck. And then it’s like thirty years ago you can say that now like fuck man that really is a long time and I aint getting any younger but still in my prime and you know what after that it’s really fucked. So when I was your age…shit forgot what I was gonna say. Oh yeah when I was…and young…and all that you think time is expendable and you know it isn’t but you don’t really know that. Just like it’s a really sad concept, mortality and what not. But when you get to be old and mortal you really can’t worry about it anymore. My father’s ninetyone. He’s hears the nails. If he doesn’t come down and get his mail I dread going up there to see if he still is. And he had dreams too. Went to art school Greenwich Village in the 40’s. Then left that behind and now all he talks about is the left behind and nothing in front to worry about. Global warming I tell him, who cares he says.


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