Georgetown Tammy ~Sean McGahey

May 24, 2008

In the rhapsody of the pending evening

I wait for physical negotiations with a Georgetown call girl

Who goes by the name of “Tammy Twatette”.

My semi squat monkey shit brown pre-paid hotel room

 in St. Helena South Carolina has a vibrating bed

and as the desk clerk said:


“…a deadly quite TV and clap activated lights”


Was this guy being all Jack Dee by suggesting that

as “Tammy” walked into the room the lights would switch on

automatically? As yanks have no sense of humour

I opted to clap my hands…bingo…lights are on.

I found Tammy’s well used business card on

the roadside of U.S. 91, whilst  thumbing

my way out of Blackfoot, Idaho.

This chick travels or the card belonged to

a satisfied travelling salesman.


With trepidation I called her from a multipurpose

telephone box/urinal…reminded me of

my home town Birmingham

Nobody answered….hang up…try again

She answered and asked

“What kind of women do you like?”

I feebly mumbled

“I don’t like warm beer and cold women”

Who’d of thought I’d be quoting Tom Waits on

the outskirts of Idaho to a hooker in Georgetown?


Tammy asked where I got the card  and for $50

she’d suck and swallow $70 suck, swallow and finger

$100 suck, swallow, finger and fuck and finally $200 suck, swallow, finger,

fuck and a chocolate brownie.

A chocolate brownie I asked?

After an awkward pause she kissed her teeth and

replied “Rim Job”


With the exchange rate I went for a $200 package (£100 aprox)

Being a smart arse I asked if we could go for a Cherry Garcia

instead of a brownie…thinking she’d get the joke…she didn’t

“I’ll bring my own butt plugs” she hoarsely replied….

She said she was pretty much up for anything but only had ONE

Rule – “I fuck in the dark”

Fair enough I thought.

With the lights off I waited! Eventually someone tapped my door

Off went the lights and TV

I let her in and I was somewhat disappointed

Even in the dark I could tell she was a moose

So banging this bird was like playing Russian roulette

with my cock, anyway, after an awkward

introduction and payment, she got to work.


Tammy felt and looked a bit tubby and the blow job was…

unusually smooth…something was missing…teeth!!!

Not one for complaining I rested by balls on her lips and she went to work with her tonsils…


later on in a Johnny Holmes fashion I

pounded her large “loose” arse whilst her

quaffed brown hair bounced

and unusually saggy breasts went their separate ways

The more I worked on her the more excited she got

her breasts rhythmically rocked….they slapped together and to my horror and her  surprise…

the lights come on!!!


My Georgetown girl is a 67 year old retired call girl! Her last customer was well over 12 years ago! Tammy went on to explain that she’d retired due to arthritis and an ongoing yeast infection……..


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