On the industrial estate
a heater blasts;
with the
appropriate catalyst
the glass warms:
fluid pearls
and gathers,
dribbles its
curved length.
Fumes swirl
and billow-
distil to spirit.
Hours later
they unhook the pipe,
examine and
identify what remains.
Inform the parents……………


Blow ~ Chris Major

May 28, 2007

Around the back,
amongst chip trays
and coke cans
he gropes under
tight clothing.
jerks her head,
roughly shoves it
‘tween glossed lips,
his mate already
pounding away.
Expertly done,
no gagging,
just the odd moan;
and as a mobile phone
flashes ‘MUM’
amongst gum
and tampons,
an airway is
finally established…………………

PUP ~ Chris Major

April 23, 2007

so slung out
and abandoned.
Lack of food,
hunger pains
sharp enough
to whittle ribs,
matted coat
marking spot by
circling lamppost.
Chases cars,
plenty of tricks-
not anal……….

PAUSE ~ Chris Major

March 26, 2007

20 years ago,
Mr popular all ‘A’ s,
football and rugby stalwart,
tests easily passed:
maths, physics, biology,
Occasionally seen leaning
on his dead mum’s
walking frame,
a rigid rudder
steadying drunken lurches
to the ‘offy’ and back,
the pathetic text
of an unlucky life,
yellow highlighted
by liver damage.
today at his flat,
a 6 week screen saver
of clouds and sky,
was finally broken
by the movement
of police and paramedics……