She’s writing another mediocre story about a recovering drug addict from the disadvantaged housing estate called….deep down she wants nothing more than acceptance…acceptance and a way out of something or another.

Her life and aspirations are between the covers of her unread novel called “Something or another…” The glue that holds her life together starts on page 1 and ends when all her words dry up.

Her so called literary aspirations are nothing but a pipe dream, what are the chances of ever being published?? She doesn’t know any famous or semi-famous writers or publishers as a matter of fact she doesn’t own a computer! Her two hours on the public library pc is an escape route from the shit hole estate that imprisons her. She sits next to a guy who’s probably a paedophile or some other kind of sex fiend…I suppose when she gets desperate she could always let him slip a finger or two???

Mediocre dreams in a world of unachievable ambitions…..


How do I come to terms with…well, I’m sure you don’t want to be bored with the finer details of this particular situation. Let’s just say I’m not wholly responsible for what’ll happen in a year or so. I can only assume it’ll be a long and exhausting sequence of events, I’ll most likely loose some friends and hopefully make some new ones. I’ve been considered an expert in the manufacturing and consuming of recreational drugs…recreational…it’s funny how something as deadly as having a habit is considered recreational…when does it become work based or professional? My new collection of pills contained within my trendy looking pill box isn’t for recreational use or anything else remotely playful…they are delaying the inevitable…and that’s what I’m struggling coming to terms with…

Party #2 ~ Karen Welsh

November 19, 2007

Brett & Paul are sat drinking red bull whilst looking over the aftermath of the “plug any hole” party.
“It’s the cleaner I feel sorry for” mumbles Brett as he lights a cigarette.
“Say again?” whispers Paul as he drinks the dregs of what looks like a florescent green cocktail.
Pointing at a buzzing dildo spasmodically limping over a pair of blood stained boxer shorts “This mess, it’s worse than a scene from apocalypse now…”
“I guess…but she’s been working here for years”
”yeah but look at the shit left behind, slimy butt plugs, cum soaked gimp mask, a fucking rolling pin, cattle prod, empty can of mace, industrial staple gun, purple strap on and a traffic cone?”
“Not to mention the fucking musty smell…”
“Were we actually at this party?”
“Are you sure? As my ass feels intact”
“We filmed it…well I filmed it you were the director”
Looking somewhat confused “Fuck”
“Yep it’s all coming back now”
Stepping over a pile of used tampons and an empty tub of ice cream Paul looks for the TV remote control “She does a pretty good job cleaning up after our events…those stains always disappear”
Looking somewhat concerned Brett heads towards the kitchen “I hope she doesn’t go snooping around the freezer”
 “She’ll find the box of you know what!”
“Well it wouldn’t be a box of exotic sausages…and that’s what she’ll think!”
“Oh…the box of cocks!”
After a short awkward silence they both start laughing and Paul sputters out “Do you remember when she thanked us for the onion rings and asked why they were slightly hairy!”

party #1 ~ Karen Welsh

November 12, 2007

We find Karen lying on the floor not quite knowing how shitfaced drunk she is…Karen slowly opens her eyes, lifts a cigarette to her lips and takes a drag…Across the room, Chad, Tim and josh sit with a Tabatha Cash look-a-like wearing what looks like a see through top…black bra clearly on display…Chad leans down and snorts some cocaine from a clear glass table top, lifts his head back and shakes his nose back and forth …the porn look-a-like falls to her knees rips open Tim’s pants and proceeds to expertly give head…Karen drops her cigarette and blacks out…

new svg!!!

September 19, 2007

Welcome to our new issue of SVG! Featuring Melissa Mann and James Quinton!!! Enjoy!!!



August 31, 2007

– If you submit poetry we will print it out and torch it. We like poetry, just probably not yours. If you are absolutely hell-bent on submitting your poems because you think we will be so floored by them that we will bend our usual rules just for you, then fine, do whatever you fucking want. See if we care.


August 31, 2007

What is it with youngsters claiming to be influenced by “what’s around them” and writing a so called novel loosely based on “Junky” and they’ve never so much as smoked a cigarette or had a pint of shandy??? It’s all a farce. I can honestly say that I’m disappointed with a few submissions sitting in my in box!! yep a bit harsh! (1) try and be original (2) stop trying to re-write “on the road” (3) at least read what’s on the site (4) We don’t pay (5) yes, Karen is my real name……or is it?

Middle Class Revolt

August 23, 2007

Release Date
May 1994 – LP/cassette/CD

Record Label

Track Listing

15 Ways
The Reckoning
Behind The Counter
Surmount All Obstacles
Middle Class Revolt !
You’re Not Up To Much
Symbol of Mordgan
Hey ! Student
Junk Man
The $500 Bottle Of Wine
City Dweller


This is probably one of the best Fall Albums ever!!

new issue coming soon!!!

August 8, 2007

The ~ Karen Welsh

July 28, 2007

Opium smoking
Crystal gazer
With mystical
Wishful thinking
Mumbles with a
Yen pox etiquette…
Immoderate words of
….piety….god fearing,
nauseating headaches….
Following the dark hack
From my inner self..
the anti-pathy of reality
the anti-pathy of life
the anti-pathy of love
the anti-pathy of peace
the anti-pathy of hope
the anti-pathy of hate