Fast creaking of bed springs from the top floor flat.
Then her voice: “Not so hard!”
Then confusing sounds.
Then no sounds.
Then more creaking sounds, just as fast.
Then a series of brief, strangled cries.
Then her joyless groans.
Then her groans becoming tearful, angry sounds.
Then: “Get off me!”
Then her shouting four letter words.
Then words drowned by sobs.
Then her crying so hard it sounds as if her throat is ripping.
Then him shouting “Shut up, shut up!”
Then more noise.
Then him going to the bathroom and coming back
– doing this twice, each time slamming the door of their flat.
Then light under my door from the hall light coming on.
Then him running downstairs.
Then the sound of the front door of the house being opened.
Then the sound of him stepping outside but not walking away.  
Then the sound of the front door closing and him going back up the stairs.
Then the door of the top floor flat being opened.
Then her voice (now loud, distorted by crying): “You hurt me!”
Then him shouting an obscenity.
Then the door of the top floor flat being slammed.
Then everything muffled but her still crying.
Then the crying fading.
Then the hall light automatically going off.
Then night.
Then nothing.