August 31, 2007

– If you submit poetry we will print it out and torch it. We like poetry, just probably not yours. If you are absolutely hell-bent on submitting your poems because you think we will be so floored by them that we will bend our usual rules just for you, then fine, do whatever you fucking want. See if we care.




August 31, 2007

What is it with youngsters claiming to be influenced by “what’s around them” and writing a so called novel loosely based on “Junky” and they’ve never so much as smoked a cigarette or had a pint of shandy??? It’s all a farce. I can honestly say that I’m disappointed with a few submissions sitting in my in box!! yep a bit harsh! (1) try and be original (2) stop trying to re-write “on the road” (3) at least read what’s on the site (4) We don’t pay (5) yes, Karen is my real name……or is it?

1st Savage review!!

August 29, 2007

A rather splendid review by: http://serendipitypoetry.com/

“The work is indeed biting, and has a kick. But what I really like about the site is that it’s willing to stick its neck out. Its savage in the face of competitors and contributors alike. Its an internet rogue….”

breaking in ~ Steve Ely

August 27, 2007

i draw a snake on this mans back which finger touched

so november something nineteen seventy eight im thirteen years old its hounds and hares and my teams hares were hiding fast through park estate cos if youre going through park estate youd better hide and fast theres timmy bradley billy chick johnny lawson gums culshaw nig goodwin tony renock ant johnson leo  o lynch kev regan any one of those bastardsll rob your midget gems give you one in the face and ten in the stomach theres a hand on my shoulder  my blood runs cold billy chick my blood runs colder hes with millsy weve dropped on millsy lived round the corner from us we used to knock about billy says the fuck you doing on park estate we say let us off billy dont hit us and millsy says let em off billy i know em theyre just playing hounds and hares billy laughs says hounds and hares at your age you ought to be round them factories breaking in we made sure we laughed he let us off cheers billy we were fucking relieved but billy didnt know who the fuck he was talking to we had them factories sewn up tight there was frigo everest thyssen geest allied supplies tweeds invicta jonee woolies the sprout factory monomech lambs the others came later curts had the  keys to the geest the fucking keys they were in the  letterbox on a string you believe that wed rob them blind toffee apples coconuts bananas whatever they had we once had a fruit party at curtses was more grapes and pomegranates than tiberias on capri had the runs for a fucking week me and juddy bostock used to get on the invicta roof kick in a window and go through the offices wed take petty cash bits and bobs from desk drawers leave the computers and office equipment i once got a studded belt from a coat rack smart i was punk juddy was northern soul he got a wrangler jacket with ten regal in the pocket wed flip the yale lock and come out the front door bold as brass run down to lauries to buy doctor deaths fruit salads a quidsworth of soft pink prawns if we wanted booze the fire door at the back of allied supplies was right next to beer wines and spirits wed wait until the afters shift clocked off kick the fucker down dash in and grab what we could run off spilling cans and bottles that fucking alarm ringing in our ears wed take it up the green hills or down pipe lane get pissed up set the fields on fire and watch them burn now frigo was a different matter three shifts and twenty four hour floodlit security but the wagons overnighted outside and we were all over them ripping off the back door seals and running off with boxes of grampian chicken cherry farm duck whatever wed sell em door to door on church mount for ten bob a bird lambs made trainers i used to smash the office windows every week boom boom boom i loved to see the glass explode hear that smashing sound id do tweeds jonee woolies monomech as well anyway me wack ginner broke into lambs one friday night swiped a pair of gola trainers apiece fucking gola why would you cop car came squealing into the yard we took off the back way over the fence between the allied supplies and thyssen through the ginnel between everest and the geest then into the rec dave sykes mob were playing football and we took off our jumpers and hid the trainers in the long grass and said the cops are after us let us play and if they say anything say weve been here all night and sure enough the cops came rolling up pulled the three of us straightaway we deny it and dave sykes and his mob do the right thing and back us up until stanley hipkin comes forward and says i cannot tell a lie and we cant even hit him cos hes  backward we end up in the cells and our dads come down blah blah blah bim bam boom but in the end thats all it is a clipped ear and  a bollocking because were thirteen years old not in bother at school and our dads work at the pit play football and cricket and know people but we go right back to breaking in because its what we did that and shoplifting but it wasnt like crime it didnt count because we were good boys from good families looking forward to a future not like billy chick with his borstal spot and gimlet eyes and cheese and onion face who the fuck does he think hes talking to thought he was ten men because he had a one two five lambretta and an army surplus parka ten men in park estate maybe august bank holiday nineteen eighty he buzzed some grebos on goldwings and bonnevilles on the a sixty four  at malton whatsa matter with him ten stone weasel like that fucking with a mob of nineteen stone maniacs with pickaxe handles under their belstaff jackets he got one round the head at sixty miles an hour mod revival roadkill take that you park estate bastard well go where the fuck we want and we did

Middle Class Revolt

August 23, 2007

Release Date
May 1994 – LP/cassette/CD

Record Label

Track Listing

15 Ways
The Reckoning
Behind The Counter
Surmount All Obstacles
Middle Class Revolt !
You’re Not Up To Much
Symbol of Mordgan
Hey ! Student
Junk Man
The $500 Bottle Of Wine
City Dweller


This is probably one of the best Fall Albums ever!!

new issue coming soon!!!

August 8, 2007